Git won't download

I am trying to download Git, but every time I try, it downloads 646KB and then stops and says “Error - Network Error” and then I press resume and then it immediately stops and says “Error - Forbidden”. I was wondering why that is? What can I do? I need Git for this project I am working on.


Are you downloading Git from the official site at

Thank you. I am sorry. I was downloading it from that website. I realize now my computer needed to restart and my Wi-Fi was acting up that day.

No need to apologize. It happens to the best of us :grinning:

same thing is happening with me, after 595 kb the sownloading is failing…network error,

i have restarted the system, my wifi is working fine, i dowmload other stuffs to check, i connected via mobile hotspot, even then i am getting the same error, someone pls help.

Unfortunately, isn’t a website we support or can troubleshoot for you. If this is something you need right away, perhaps someone else you trust can download it for you and give it to you on a flash drive?

This is the same issue I am facing right now and I am so frustrated by it. I have restarted my pc and re-established the internet connection but nothing is helping.

in  my case i have downloaded , but unable to run the file as i run the file , a black screen comes for a flickr and then goes away , any body having any clue what i need to correct .

Can you please mention the Operating System you are using and from where you actually downloaded it? Also, mention the version of git you tried to download.
If you are getting any error , please attach screenshot too.