Git repo not showing on github profile

So im new to the whole git, github thing and I knew how to create a new repo on the website itself by clicking New Repository from the web GUI but then i learned to do the same thing on the command line ussing git init new-repo and tried it and got no error but then when i go to my profile on github there is no new repo ??

So why did it not update on my profile when i did git init ?

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git init creates a new git repository on your computer. As such, that has absolutely nothing to do with Github.

If you want it your new repository to appear on Github, you’ll have to create a repository on Github, add that as a remote of your local repository, and push. If you would like to create a Github repository from the command line there are options, too:

You could even use the Github API to create your own CLI tool. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there,

git init creates a new Github repository on your computer. To fix your problem, try to do some research onto how to get it to popup on your actual GitHub profile and not just store it on your computer.