Git push origin master not logging into my GitHub account

Hi … I’m running into an issue with the trailhead Develop an App with Salesforce CLI and Source Control unit # 4, “Add a Salesforce DX Project to Source Control Unit”, specifically the git push origin master command. When I type this, it initially brings up the login pop up box. I enter my name and password for my GitHub account, and then immediately, it gives me a “Logon failed” error message. I’ve tried recreating the repository, trying to make sure it’s empty, make it Public, and I DO NOT have MFA turned on so that I can simply enter the username and password. Nothing is working. Here is a screenshot of what it’s doing. Can someone see what is going on with this that I’m missing? Best!

Try using a personal access token (PAT) instead of the password. The documentation on Cloning with HTTPS URLs mentions that password authentication is deprecated, I’m not sure what’s the status on that is.

Hi …

The issue was solved by updating the GIT app itself. I did not set up 2-Factor Authentication to begin with. For some reason, I had an older GIT app version that didn’t work right.

When I updated it, the commands ran perfectly. Thanks for the quick response.


Ron Kane