Git push does not work

I would like to upload to my remote repository some large file with git lfs. Opening git bash and performing all necessary steps is not a problem until the command git push. After enting my name and password I get an error. I read about the recent changes and the need to create a token. I did it and used it instead of my password but the problem is not solved. I still get an error. I have also updated git bash and performed some other updates I found to be reccomented in stack overflow:

git remote -v
git remote remove origin
git remote add origin

but I still did not manage to get rid of errors. I think the translation of the last error from german should say something like:
fatal: The request was interruped: no protected SLL/TLS-channel could be generated.

thanks for any suggestions


This command is telling git to use ssh protocol not https

git remote add origin

If you want to try ssh follow the github instructions will alos explains how to create and add your needed ssh keys.

Using https make sure you have removed any cached credentials from local Credential manager . You should be prompted for credentials and enter your PAT not your password for successful authentication