Git pull and commit not uploading correctly

Hello all,

I’m new to Git and can’t figure it out why VS Code does never upload (push or commit) nor update (download when I changed something via browser). Git in VS Code won’t upload on pull or commit only Git Bash works. The log says it’s uploaded but it doesn’t appear online. It might have something to do with the branch settings which are different (see screenshoot). :unamused:

I don’t use VSCode, but from the graph in the screenshot it seems that your local main branch in ahead of three commits compared to origin/main. So you’ll need to push your changes before they become effective on GitHub (or whatever remote you’re using).

If VSCode is saying that you’re “up to date” it just means that there are no changes on origin which you haven’t already pulled locally, but it doesn’t mean that origin is up to date.

Can’t you push your local changes from within VSCode?

Thanks for the reply @tajmone.

So origin means it’s the files on GitHub, while only main are my local files only.
So I guess I still have to figure out how to tell VS Code to push it to GitHub online, rather tan only offline in my cloned repository.