general query doing full repo clone and handling //specs

Hi, hoping someone has come across the P4 special depot area //specs and how to get around it on a clone.

Quick scenario, attempting a clone from a sizeable p4 repo to git, and about 36hrs of scanning the whole depot its ready to move on but fails at Perforces special library lookup depot //specs

Trying using a client spec to ignore it, with a full list of all depots and //specs ignored and then ignoring it on the command line:
strace -vf -tt -s 200 -o /tmp/strace.out /bin/git. p4 clone -v --use-client-spec //… /nfs-bfs/git/repositories/depot
strace -vf -tt -s 200 -o /tmp/strace.out /bin/git. p4 clone -v -/ //specs //… /nfs-bfs/git/repositories/depot

both fail in the same spot when the p4 change isn’t found in the //specs “change” as it’s a library lookup and isn’t an int ( I was debugging with the changes to find out the error prone depot):

{‘code’: ‘stat’, ‘rev’: ‘1’, ‘time’: ‘1583736274’, ‘action’: ‘branch’, ‘type’: ‘xtext’, ‘depotFile’: ‘//solutioninstaller/sdmce/mainline_gcc/version/Product_Version.gnu’, ‘change’: ‘1215385’}
{‘code’: ‘stat’, ‘rev’: ‘1’, ‘time’: ‘1413717572’, ‘action’: ‘add’, ‘type’: ‘ctext’, ‘depotFile’: ‘//specs/branch/1.0.0-to-1.0.0-handoff.p4s’, ‘change’: ‘default’}
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/bin/”, line 4437, in
File “/bin/”, line 4431, in main
if not
File “/bin/”, line 4183, in run
if not, depotPaths):
File “/bin/”, line 4049, in run
File “/bin/”, line 3734, in importHeadRevision
change = int(info[“change”])
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘default’

        print (info)
        change = int(info["change"])
        if change > newestRevision:
            newestRevision = change

Should I be doing it from top level //… at all, or can //specs be ignored or should I just do it per depot.

Thanks in advance,