GIT operations error: Logon failed, CredetnailManager keeps on prompting for password


I am trying to do clone of a repo which is my azure devops project. I have all the required permissions to access and clone repo.

There is no issue with my account and I have also checked the issue with reseeting my password

When trying to perform any GIT operations like clone, push credential manager keeps on asking credentials and when clicked on my account below error is being observed.
Log on failed. Use Ctrl + c to cancel basic credential prompt.

To fix the issue tried many blogs like

Cleared out windows and web credentials. Used commands related to GIT credential manager.
Uninstalled GIT and installed latest version of GIT but still credential windows appears repeatedly prompting for password.

Kindly help on the issue as unable to work on repo.

Please let me know if any additional information required.

Anusha Challagali

Hi @anushacha! :wave:

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

Since the repository is on Azure you might want to look for support specifically with your Azure account, as this doesn’t seem to be GitHub related?

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