Git not showing branch and file add in terminal - Visual Studio Code

Hi all,

New to git and visual studio code. In the past I will navigate to a directory with a git init file and when I do the terminal displays something like C:\scripts “master 1+/1” but that stopped happening. Not it is just showing the file path. What am I doing wrong? 

Hi hackofalltrades! :wave:

Providing information about the state of your repository right there in the command prompt is something you’d set up in your terminal environment. Could you have previously being using a different terminal, and now you’re using the default one?

If you’re a Windows user, I recommend you download and use Git Bash for Windows:

It uses unix style syntax for commands, and you will find that almost all tutorials, blog posts, and stack overflow answers use the same syntax, so it will make everything easier in the future. It also shows you the kind of information in the prompt that you’re looking for.

You can customize what information the prompt shows you, too! This third party article has a lot of ideas: