Dear Community,

I am a Research Scientist at the German Cancer Research Center. We use github for depositing data, that supplement our scientific publications.

Now I uploaded a file that exceeded out LFS quota and the directory is locked.

How can I delete this file and free the quota without having to delete and redo the entire package?

It is very important that the history stays stable until the mistaken file upload such that the continuity of our repo is ensured.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @fheigwer,

Are you using LFS with or does the German Cancer Research Center use GitHub Enterprise?

If you’re using, I would recommend contacting GitHub Support directly via the GitHub Support Portal so that they can look at the account directly and can help troubleshoot the quota.

If you’re using GitHub Enterprise, you will need to contact your local GitHub Enterprise administrator.


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It is indeed what eventually made the trick. The support of Git LFS was very responsive.