Git LFS suddenly stopped working on Windows10 machine

Our small company is using Git with GitHub and GitHub Desktop and LFS since over a year now. Everything worked fine. Suddenly on one machine, git lfs is not recognised by git, when i try to push.
I tried reinstalling it, with no success. We didnt add any new filetypes, neither is the quota full/exeeded.
Here is my log, when i try to push:

Any help is highly welcome. Thx

Hi Maxwell167! :wave:

I’m not sure what caused the initial problem, but judging from your screenshot the large object has been committed to your regular Git history.

Adding LFS tracking for a file that’s already been committed to the Git repo doesn’t automatically move it to LFS. You’ll need to first remove the file completely from the repository’s regular Git history, and then add it to LFS. You can remove the file from the history by following our guide:

Alternatively, there is a migration tool that you can use which will migrate your files over to LFS without having to delete and re-add them:

After that you can track and push it to LFS with these instructions: