Git LFS - Large Commit Not Appearing Anywhere

I’ve been using Git LFS 2.0 since it came out, working pretty much flawlessly and as expected, until today.

I made a large commit which was about 116GB of data inside the single commit (Unreal Engine files), I have all the bandwidth allocation and data packs setup on GitHub for LFS, and the upload goes smoothly, no issues. Fully nominal upload process.

Now when I go to look at the repo on GitHub, there is no sign of the branch I pushed. Also any additional push I make to master branch doesn’t show up. Basically the whole repo is now frozen in time, and nothing I push to that repo shows up on GitHub anymore, though the dashboard shows the 100+ GB is being used on LFS that I’m paying for.

This is really rough as I was relying on Git to help ship this software product and Git LFS itself was handling it surprisingly well up until now, though GitHub seems to have some issues registering anything on this repo at this point, and the repo is currently broken for all practical purposes since nothing I push up anymore appears anywhere on GitHub.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!!