Git LFS in GitHub Wiki Repository (*.wiki.git)?

I am trying to edit a wiki repository (the git repository associated with the repo’s wiki, e.g. *.wiki.git) and tried using Git LFS to store “binary blobs”- in this case .png images for the wiki pages. I have used LFS for this purpose in the past when storing static images for websites in Git, but never tried this before on the wiki feature.

Locally my repository looks good and the markdown-preview in Atom looks good, but the repository won’t push to GitHub. I get this error:

$ git push origin master  
ERROR: Authentication error: Authentication required: You must have push access to verify lockssStorageDir=C:\Users\*.wiki\.git\lfs  
error: failed to push some refs to '[\*.wiki.git](*.wiki.git)'

Which begs the question: Do I have an error with my repository/authentication, or does the GitHub Wiki repository disallow LFS?

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Hi @ductape,

The git repository that backs wiki’s is extremely limited so you are unable to use Git LFS with GitHub wikis. All content must exist within the normal repository limits.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: