Git Install error.. Need help!


This is my git issue:  Upon trying to RE-install Git I receive an error. My error is shown in the first screenshot. I need this to work so I can install Flutter and Android studio for classes. Right now I am at a standstill.

I reinstalled Git twice, both as reg user and as admin with the same error results.  It is a persistent error no matter how it is installed.

I am posting two more pics below the error. One is when I run it as admin and one is as reg user. 

I edited the my environment path to include what is shown in the second screenshot just in case that was the issue. No change.

What led up to this was I had Android studio, flutter and git installed. At that time, git was installed perfectly. I had been having issues with flutter telling me to reinstall Android studio and update my SDK (which was updated) so I could sign the license, so after trying a gazillion times reinstalling Android studio with the same error, I uninstalled everything thinking I would just start fresh. New eyes. 

After uninstalling, I used a reg cleaner called “Wise registry Cleaner” to remove traces of my installations after uninstalling these three programs so it would be fresh… Then this issue happened upon trying to reinstall git.

If anyone can figure this out or knows what is happening, I would appreciate any help or suggestions at all. I am at my wits end.  I have searched and can’t find anything about line 2924. 

I am running Windows 10 Home edition.

Prior to uninstalling git, it was perfect.  I never should have uninstalled it and used that reg cleaner.  Now I don’t know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance, Jenn Cr

r. error.png ADMIN.png REG USER.png

I fixed this. I had a broken system. I reinstalled windows 10 and git worked perfectly… Moving on…