git hub 404 error


i am new to github and to git in general.

I try to open my app but I get an error :


File not found

The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file.

If this is your site, make sure that the filename case matches the URL.
For root URLs (like you must provide an index.html file.

Read the full documentation for more information about using  GitHub Pages.

I have no idea about what I should do about it 

my code is here :

Thanks ALOT!

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I assume you have set GitHub to push the files on the master branch to GitHub pages?

If not, what did you actually set?

I myself also face this issue tho. I have set the repo to use the files in the docs-folder on the Master branch, yet I receive a 404 page not found error when loading the site. It’s basic html and also has a index.html so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I really think this might be an issue on GitHub’s end here, where the (unintentionally?) changed something for GitHub pages and it’s now causing issues.

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This sounds like a bad joke, but did you try turning it off and on again?

Doing that did fix the issue for me, where the site wasn’t working at first, so it may help you too.

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Hey @andre601 and @shirlimotro7! It looks like @shirlimotro7 's site is working now but please ping me if either of you run into issues in the future! 

Hey, only the index.html page works, I guess it is a problem with the data base configurations. still try to figure it out :slight_smile:


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Hey @shirlimotro7, GitHub Pages only renders static sites so you probably won’t be able to use a database and that python code you have with GitHub pages.