Git hooks hell with Github Desktop

Hi there,

I am using Electron-React boilerplate (GitHub - electron-react-boilerplate/electron-react-boilerplate: A Foundation for Scalable Cross-Platform Apps) in one of my repositories which uses yarn for dependency handling, before it was in my repo I was able to commit and push fine but whenever I put the Electron-react boilerplate directory inside my repo and run “yarn” and “yarn start”, yarn seems to install a load of Hooks that I don’t want and I don’t know how to stop it, it’s saying i can use “–no-verify” option on the git command to bypass the hooks but I don’t know how to do this with Github desktop, is there any way to do this? It’s super annoying I don’t understand why husky interferes like that I just wanna commit and push my code changes lol. If anyone has any ideas I’d be really grateful, thanks

Nevermind fixed it, its cos husky was in the package.json I just removed it and it stopped it installing a load of hooks.