Git for Cortana

I think it would be really cool if there was a git cortana skill to make things easier than ever. With it you would be able to just say, “Hey Cortana, Clone (Insert Repo Here) to my computer”, than you dont have to open the shell or open the Gui whenever you need to use git.

PS. I know these requests usualy go on the welcome page but this just feels right here.

Do you think this would be useful.


I think that the developers team of Cortana is not the same of github even if are part of the the same company.

Despite this considerations, it is a very interesting idea maybe you can try to add this post to the windows community forum.


What i mean is a git skill

I understand that, but i think using cortana instead of git desktop or shell don’t save you time. It’s not worth the cost to create these features.

Furthermore there could be authentication problems, i mean when you say “cortana git push in this repository” you must authenticate yourself before Cortana perform this action.

So how to do this? Is not so simple like ask to search something on internet.

Now that I think of it, how do you indicate which repository should clone?