git folder not found

hello to all, 

i m new  on github  i use it for some test in my dev  environment .

I ve  tryied  to initialize new  git project  on a  vm host in my env, that  i call SERVER HOST.

 i ve set up new folder with command  "git init --bare’ .  for  the  communication with other i ve  setup key authentication ssh key  and it works fine for me . 

Then i cloned thi repo on other  vm  in my env act as a  client, and  then i added some other file and commit that , and finally push this commit .

When i  ve  checked on the server, on the folder repo i ve  see nothing ,  no  file  into . but  if i try to clone  the repo in other  client ,  all the  file  that i ve  added with other commit They were downloaded. 

Why i  don’t  see nothing  on the server folder after doing other commit and push ? ? 

i ve  try also with   ’  git  init ’ less than  --bare, but  is the same thing… 

why in the repo folder i can find nothing of the file that i ve committed ???

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Hi @mannaiagit,

Is the repository that you have on GitHub a public repository? If so, could you post a link to it? I’d love to get a more concrete idea of what you’re seeing.