Git: fatal: remote error - PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AND THANK YOU

  1. Thank you for reading and attempting to help Whoever you are!!

I have tried to push files through VS CODE and then again through the command line from my machine to a repo on GitHub. – (I have not used Github in about two months)

When I enter the HTTP address of the repo into my machine I get a message that states I cannot push to that particular repo’s GIT address ( BUT I NEVER HAVE TRIED PUSHING TO THE GIT repo address).

Below are some of the command line info and different attempts that  I have tried with GitHub’s Customer service with no luck.

I am attempting to use VS Code as my IDE with GitHub.
when doing the following steps I receive this message.

enter git clone
create a repo
add a commit
attempt to publish
I received this message
fatal: ambiguous argument ‘master@{u}’: unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use ‘–’ to separate paths from revisions, like this:
‘git […] – […]’

git for-each-ref --format %(refname) %(objectname) --sort -committerdate
git remote --verbose
git config --get commit.template
git show
git push -u origin master
fatal: remote error:
You can’t push to git://

I have entered the http repo adress three times to test if I am using the correct address.
and not the git://git… address
Whoever is helping me I appreciate your time and energy and I hope you are having a good day.
You should buy yourself something nice after work like a whiskey or some ice cream.

----------next attempt -------

Thanks for writing in.

Try running this command from the Terminal:

git remote set-url origin

If that does not get things working please share the output of the following command:

git remote -v

---------next attempt----------

still puzzled about why your remote URL would be incorrect like that. Could you share the output of the following commands for me?

git branch -a
git remote -v
git config --local --list
git fsck

The last command checks your local repository for corruption.

------next attempt ----- this attempt trying a random file to push to a different repo

(wtf) erins-Air:Projects erinclaudio$ cd crispy-funicular/
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ ls
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ git branch -a
* master
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ git remote -v
origin  git:// (fetch)
origin  git:// (push)
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ git config --local --list
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ git fsck
Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
(wtf) erins-Air:crispy-funicular erinclaudio$ 

If you prefer you could upload your repository and share it with me so I could directly take a look at it. This would allow me to debug the issue directly