Git desktop not updating branch dates

The other person on our team has uploaded a branch 2 days ago.
I am using the desktop version of GIT and want to retrieve that branch to my local machine but the version from 2 days ago is not shown. What is wrong and why can I not see all the branch dates?
I can see the branch with the correct date on the web version of GIT

Your local repository (the clone, or fork) will point to it upstream version via a remote (usually called origin when pointing to your own repository/fork, and upstream when pointing to the original repository which you’ve forked).

In order to “download” updates, you need to git fetch your remotes. If you’re not getting updates by fetching it could mean that one (or all) the remotes are not set correctly (or at all).

Cloning a forked repository doesn’t automatically add the upstream remote, just origin (which points to your fork), so you might need to manually add the upstream remote and try fetching again (all remotes!).