Git contributions empty after picking up a new laptop - can I reclaim my commits?

Last month I bought a new laptop, installed GitHub Desktop and picked up where I’d left off on some of my projects. Despite being signed into GitHub Desktop as my GitHub user, this morning I’ve noticed a big gap in my contribution history. Looking into it I’ve found that all of my commits with this new laptop have been made with an email address of “home@Tests-MacBook-Pro.local”. As such, any commit I’ve made in the past month has not been added to my profile’s contribution history, despite using GitHub desktop and being signed in to my GitHub user account.

This morning I’ve updated my Git commit email address, which will hopefully resolve the issue going forward. However I’m wanting to know if there us any way that I can reclaim ownership of these commits?

This wouldn’t normally bother me at all, but right now I’m in the process of looking for a new job and in the past month I’ve committed well over 10,000 lines of code, but my GitHub profile shamefully gives the impression I’ve not been doing anything.

For reference, all of these defaulted email address commits were made towards a single organization: An example of these commits can best be seen on this repository: All of the commits have my correct name, but are not using my GitHub email address.

For further reference, GitHub Desktop’s account preferences seem blissfully unaware that the email I was using to commit did not match my GitHub account:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 08.22.50.png

The Git tab also listed my GitHub account email address and not the default address the commits were actually being sent as.

We have instructions in our help documentation on how to rewrite your Git history to change the author information.

I hope that helps!