Git Confusion after last pull

New to git, but not source control. Using gitkraken, but no place to ask questions about that. So I’m here to understand the real story behind the pictures.

Working on a project among 4 computers for dev and test. Windows and Linux. On last pull of a release to a testing machine gitkraken is showing me modified files. Of course they are since they were changed on another computer and pushed. So after the pull, they are different from the local repository on this test machine.


So the question is: “How do I update the local repository so that these don’t show up here?” Does git normally just “commit” pulled files to the local repo? Or are you normally expected to stage / commit the files yourself? No merge was required since there were no outstanding changes on this test machine that had not been Pushed. So good.

So what’s the story? Do I find a command line and figure out how to stage/push manually? Should GitKraken have done something else here? Or provide me some button here to fix this?

The GitHub repo is all good as far as I can tell.

The pull got the right code and I can proceed to test.

But something is not cleaned up correctly, on this local machine.


And if you want the whole story it’s here:

After a modification to .gitignore and pushing it on another system, the following pull cleared the list in GitKraken and now shows only .gitignore. But of course all the files have the correct content. So looks like a GitKraken confusion.

If there is a git subtlety that I’m missing, please let me know or point me to something to study.