Git Commit doesn't appears on contribution calendar

I have been pushing many commits on github and it appears in repository but it isn’t showing in my contribution calendar.
On contribution calendar only first commit to a new repository shows.
Help me

I looked at the history of one of your public repositories, and as you can see by the grey generic icon next to the name, most aren’t recognized as yours. GitHub uses the author email in the commit to connect commits to accounts, so this usually happens if you’re using an author email that isn’t listed in your account.

You have the following options to fix this:

  • If you want to use that email address, add it to your GitHub account.
  • If you don’t want to use that email address, change your setting in Git, so future commits will be correct. In that case you could also rebase the affected commits and change the author address, but that may cause trouble if you’ve already share them with others.
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Thank You very much <3

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