Git command line to pull a release from private repo?

I’m thinking the answer is no, but before giving up I’d like to check with the community: Is there a way to pull a “release” using git command line with token authentication.

I’m trying (in a private repo) to be able to automate/script the setup of a node with a release version of git project work, but all I’m finding are curl and wget with username/password authentication as the way to do it.

Is there a git command syntax to pull a specific release version… and if not, why not?

Its like releases are the forgotton CLI child of git…

Depends on what exactly you mean by “release”. If you have a repository you can use git checkout with a release tag to get that specific version in your working tree.

On the other hand, if you mean release artifacts: Those are a Github concept, not a general git one, so you’ll have to use the Github API to retrieve them (that’s probably the curl stuff you saw). You can automate that by using whichever programming language you prefer to make the API calls.

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