Git cloning versus forking versus generating

The api-platform documents instruct one to this generate page:

A while ago I did so and do not believe I clicked the “Include all branches” checkbox (see highlighted above), any my created repository looks like this:

Alternatively, I could have cloned the repository which my above repo was generated from:

Or I could have forked it:

I went back and looked at my first generated repository and see the files were last updated 7 months ago (8/29/2021). I then looked at my forked repo which I haven’t been using and see they were the same, and then fetched upstream and presume the files are now the same as the parent repo which I forked.

What are the implications of these three approaches and is one approach more applicable than another? Thank

HI @NotionCommotion take a look at this post

Thanks byrneh, It was the “generating” approach which I was most confused about. It appears that this just copies the files and makes it a new git repository not connected to the parent.