Git clone private repo not found

I’m trying to clone a private repository of my own organization
I test my ssh key it works wonderfully

ssh -T git@github-graines-digitales
Hi johan-Rm! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

but when i perform a git clone (ssh mode) i get

ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: Unable to read remote repository.

Please check that you have the access rights
and that the repository exists.

I am on
ubuntu 20
git version 2.33.0

I don’t understand anything anymore, someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance

ok I replaced that

git clone

with that

git clone git@github-graines-digitales:organization/repo.git

hoping that it can be useful even if it seems so obvious :slight_smile:

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Thanks for describing your found solution, it can indeed be helpful to other experiencing the same problem, who might land on this post by searching the forum. You could go as far as mark your solution as THE solution, so it will always be reachable, even if the thread discussion grows.