git clone is not working for a private repo

thanks a lot .

Spent way too much time on this. Thank you.


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This worked perfectly for the only developer on our team who was using Windows. All other developers weren’t having any issues and that was the only variable was him using Windows.

Thanks so much!

This safed my As**

Awesome, thank you very much !!!

Hey @bradthompsonedcc, Thanks a lot for coming back and sharing what worked for you with the community! We’re looking forward to seeing you around!

I am glad this worked for so many people. I hadn’t looked at the posts. I had untagged the question after I figured out the answer. Thanks AndreaGriffiths11 for the explicit tag so I found the thread.

It worked like a charm, Thanks :) 

thanks brad, its working.


Thanks for your clarification. I have tried it from myside with the given solution and it is not working for me.

can you please help ?

@bradthompsonedcc wrote:

It turned out that I had old session state:

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu
  2. Select User Accounts
  3. Select “Manage your credentials” in the left hand menu
  4. Delete any credentials related to Git or GitHub


Once I did this, it started working again.

Thanks, It helps :slight_smile:

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Just wonder whether there are any effective ways to switch github accounts I have without deleting the chosen creditential 

Thanks works for me!

great ,i tried for more than 30 mins but unable to solve.It helped me a lot.


It’s help for me: 

$ git credential-manager uninstall

$ git credential-manager install

Thanks I’ll do that

Thank you very much for this answer…you saved my day.

It works! Thank you!