git clone is not working for a private repo

worked on mac too!

it’s because I have set up github before…

fo mac users see:


big thanks :+1:

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Worked Thanks.

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Go to key chain access and search for github. Change the username and password to the account you want to log in. Save it. Done!


Thanks due to your solution my things worked out 


Excellent!!! I’ve searched a lot for a solution. And finally it worked :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

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Thanks. Its Working.

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It’s working perfectly. Thank you.

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You just saved my pc from my anger !

Thank you. worked for me. Magic!

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This is magic, Thank u a lot !!!

Suuuuuper Thanks bro !!!

Thanks. It worked!

thanks a lot .

Spent way too much time on this. Thank you.


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This worked perfectly for the only developer on our team who was using Windows. All other developers weren’t having any issues and that was the only variable was him using Windows.

Thanks so much!

This safed my As**

Awesome, thank you very much !!!