Git clone fails with 407

I need to clone a repo and I am behind a corporate proxy.
I have supplied proxy username, password, auth method, server & port details.
However I am unable to clone the repo and it fails with 407.
p.s. I am able to supply proxy details and use curl successfully.

Please can someone help?

You already mentioned all the details I would’ve suggested to look at in the documentation, so you should probably talk to corporate IT support or whoever is in charge of the proxy. They should have a better idea what the proxy requires than random people here on the forum, and should be able to check logs of the proxy to see why it’s rejecting your requests.

HI @vijaya-lakshmi-venkatraman
obfuscating any credentials or company information you do not wish to share can you provide the the example of your commands so we can review the syntax

  • curl command with proxy (that worked)
  • git clone command with proxy and error message(s) (that failed 407)

The 407 status code is returned from your proxy as it did not get or recognise your credentials passed.
Company proxies can be frustratingly problematic :frowning: as you have discovered