"git clone" command not working :(

I have the Git Extension, GitHub, and GitHub Authentication features installed and active globally, but when I try to use the “git clone” command in my terminal, I keep getting the following error message:

git : The term ‘git’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or
operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the
path is correct and try again.
At line:1 char:1

Very new to coding…so I’m sure this is a simple mistake, but all the troubleshooting and forum digging I’ve done so far have yielded no resolution.

Plz halp.

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Did you install git on your computer?

The error message says it can’t find the program “git” which means it’s a) not installed or b) it’s installed but not linked to this name. On Windows this means you have to set a PATH variable.

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This worked! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply :slight_smile: