Git classroom returns 500 error

I got a problem with my GitClassroom. I am logged in as this user tufisii2006 (Tufisi Radu Gabriel) 路 GitHub and I try to go to the GitClassroom. I have used it for 2 years and this is the first time when I got this kind of error:

I am a member of this organisation : ps-ds-lab 路 GitHub
All my other team members have no issues, I am the only one :confused: .
The error above is for the link: classroom-github-com/classrooms (put it with - because I cant post more than 2 links in the thread as a new user). Imediatelly after I login, the error appears.
Could you please tell me why is this happening?

does the error still exist ?

how about updating the Chrome and restarting your computer ?