Git checkout using Jenkins pipeline is very slow

In the initial phase , when the pipeline is checkout SCM stage (Declarative: Checkout SCM), it takes ~4 min, while the same checkout takes ~5 sec in another environment. We have also observed that the underlying git commands is same in both the pipelines. Also the git plugin version(4.3.0) is same in both environment. Is there any way to reduce the time, we have also checked that all the git related plugins are upto date and have the same versions in all the environments. Technology used : Jenkins Pipeline

Hey @mitsvivek :wave:

I’ve done a bit of digging around and I’m not too pleased with myself to say that unfortunately, I’m not sure how much help we can be here. That is, this board is definitely a “How to Git,” board, but this question is more to do with Jenkins than Git or GitHub itself.

Though, I have found threads like:

…which I think is very relevant to your question.

If you believe there is an inherent Git or GitHub function that is coming into play, I’d be curious to know!

Otherwise, I wish you luck and apologize for my lack of actual assistance. :bow: