git branch -D


   I am new to Git , and I would like to learn Git command.

I would like to know what does git branch -D mean ? I assume that git branch create a branch in git; for example, git branch test creating a test branch. But I do  not know what does the parameter -D mean in git branch -D . Could someone please help ? Thanks alot.

Also what does git tags -D mean ? I assume that git tags test meaning assign name of test to the branch that I just created from teh previous command such as git branch test. But i do not know what does git tags -D mean ?

Thanks for all of the helps.

Hi @minhdtran,

Thank you for being here! Taking a look at your command:

git tags -D

I believe the -D on that command force delete the tags. Here is a handy guide about deleting branches, that might be useful: