Git Bash...Git Status issue

Not quite understanding why all these files appear everytime I do a git status command. Any ideas how to stop this?

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What is the command that you have executed?

git bash. I figured it out to the point where I opened command in my project folder, put “git init” then added files, then committed a message, then put “git push add origin <url>” and it comes up an error. I just wanna learn how to upload my project to github :confused: anything I am doing wrong?

Probabily you have the same problem of this user in this post here

Do you have created  a github repository?

Yea I have a new repository created with a file. The repository is the same name as my project folder if that matters at all… im following this video and getting so close but when I got to push the files to the remote repository it fails.

Would I need to create a branch by chance?

Have you solve your problem?

Hi @iamseanhooker,

As the error message states, there are files in your repository on GitHub that do not exist in your local repository. You need to use git pull to pull down those files from GitHub before you can push up changes from your local machine.

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I think what has happened here is you have a git repository in your Home folder. So any sub directories that you try to init a new repo in is also showing directories above.