Git and Wordpress - how can I edit?

Hi everyone, 

First of all I’m totally new to Git. That’s why I’m here asking this question. Basically, I’m dealing with a web design firm that refuses to give me access to basic Wordpress functions or an FTP account, on the basis that they built the site with Git. I’m trying to figure out if they’re telling the truth, or if they’re just trying to maintain control of the site so they can charge for maintenance. 

The company gave me a Wordpress admin account, but removed access to Plugins and the Theme Editor. I want to make some changes to the site structure, add a few plugins, and do some general CSS work (I’ve been working on Wordpress sites for over a decade, I do this sort of thing all the time). I asked them to remove the wp-admin restrictions and set me up with an FTP account. Their reply was that they can’t, because they built the site with Git, and they’re using a ‘custom solution for deployments,’ and any changes I make via FTP will be lost when they do a deployment. They said they don’t want too many plugins for security reasons.

In my very limited knowledge of Git, I understand it as a system for tracking changes during development. The site’s already developed, though. It’s been live for two years. I’m hoping someone from this forum can help me unpack what they’re saying, so I can decide how to respond. Does Git have anything to do with plugins? Is there another way I can suggest they deploy the site, so that I have more control? Any advice appreciated!

Hi @jage1316,

I used to work for a software consultancy that used Git to manage Drupal and WordPress sites. Git is a version control system which allows developers to manage all code changes and it is used in production enviroments in addition to development environments.

The reason that they cannot just give you FTP access to add themes and plugins is because these themes and plugins would either need to be added to the list of things ignored by Git or would have to be committed as a change in Git. I suspect that the firm you are working with wants to put everything into Git to allow for an easy rollback in case of compatibility issues. It reduces the risk significantly of adding new themes and plugins which can at times corrupt the site.

My recommendation would be to work with the web design firm that you’re working with to find a way that you can make changes to the site. They may be able to give you the ability to check in code yourself or submit Pull Requests if they are using GitHub as a repository for the site.

Hope this helps!

Hi @jage1316 !

Git is good, but because of the problem you described above, this is not the best solution for you.

I suggest you use another wordpress version control system.

We at Geekbee know exactly that teamwork with WordPress is extremely hard because you need to deal with the database and file changes and if we experienced this phenomenon then others did too.

In this case actually you don’t have full access to the wodpress site.(FTP, database and ssh). It is really annoying.

You can’t work together as a team on the same site. 

This is a common problem with WordPress if you don’t use a good wordpress version control system.

To solve this problem you need to use a good wordpress version control system like I said earlier.

We’ve solved this problem with my team. We help you to create a team friendly development environment for each member of your team. You can create several staging and development branches and merge the files and database changes with one click.

We provide ftp and ssh access to each staging environment.

Our program will save you time and will make it much simpler to develop a wordpress site in a team.

That’s how was born.

If this sounds like something that will make your life a whole lot better let’s talk.

Please let me know if you are interested in.

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Don`t think that another wordpress version control system would help anyhow.
It depends on how many plugins you already have and how many you are planning to install. I have a recent project that is working fine with a lot of plugins. So maybe you should talk to them once more.