gist - unintentional text proccessing (line breaks) on copy&paste

When i copy & paste multi-line text (from X11 clipboard) into Github/gist web inputbox i can see my text properly formatted (for a glimpse of a second). Then gist immediately removes all line breaks and fits everything into one line (see pic below). Copying text from Firefox to Firefox (even one liners) are split into several lines though.

How can i disable this text processing? Its not working properly.

Arch Linux, xfce, Firefox 58.0.2



Hi @bluemax

This seems like an account-specific question. I’d recommend reaching out to our private support team via our contact form so that we can better assist you.

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I’m having the same problem. Firefox 60.0 on Xubuntu 17.10. All linebreaks are removed when I paste into a new gist.

I have the same bug on Firefox on Arch Linux. Last time I used Gist six months ago there wasn’t this error, also there isn’t this error on Midori (another browser). It does not look account-specific.

Hi @tomharrop@bluemax, and @socialdarwinist,

Do you have any links to Gists where you’re experiencing this problem? If so, I’d love to pass them on to our internal team to do further troubleshooting.


It has been

The history looks now strange because I first opened the edit window on Firefox, then switched to Midori, but then out of a lapse continued in the Firefox tab where I added the line breaks in one file in the browser and saved, but thus in one file the pasted content got saved in a single line as seen in the history, which I later corrected in Midori.

Hi @socialdarwinist,

Thanks for that link. I’m wondering if you could send us a motion picture/GIF illustrating the copy and paste action which results in immediate removal of line breaks. We’re looking into something that _might _be related and could potentially resolve this, but I’d like to confirm it’s the same issue. Thanks!

Hi @nadiajoyce, I have uploaded a video of it into a repository.

I don’t know where people else upload, but since this forum has no upload function for files other than photos, opening a repository for Github specific displays of functionality has seemed the best for me in terms of durability.

Thanks so much @socialdarwinist. We’ll take a look at this, and I’ll let you know any next steps soon.

Hi again @socialdarwinist,

We just pushed something that we’re hoping addresses this. However, we suspect this might have something to do with the CodeMirror project.

Please attempt this again and if you’re still experiencing the same problem, try it on the codemirror home page:

The demo is directly under the header “This is CodeMirror”. If pasting in there works, just let us know and we can open an issue internally. If pasting into that demo editor also strips all of your newlines, you can open an issue in the CodeMirror repo here:



They have some guidelines for bug reporting listed here:


]( hope this helps!

Hi @nadiajoyce,

The bug has now been fixed.

In GithubGist as well as CodeMirror there are no line feeds lost, I have just tested with Firefox and Midori.

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That’s wonderful news! Thanks for following up and letting us know.