Gist landing page shows descriptions with links besides Gist info, and is not truncated

Not sure where I should report this, but I’ve noticed a small rendering glitch on my home Gist page (where I can write a new Gist). At the top of the page, where it shows a list of my most recent Gists, I have a Gist where I entered a link into the description. The problem is that the link and following text end up bleeding outside of the small description text at the bottom, and they remains untruncated and are positioned to the right of the rest of the Gist link. Here’s a screenshot:

Also, here’s the HTML that is generated for the button element:

<li class="flex-auto mr-3 d-md-flex d-none">
  <svg height="16" class="octicon octicon-code-square mr-2 mt-1 float-left" viewBox="0 0 16 16" version="1.1" width="16" aria-hidden="true"><!-- image data --></svg>
  <a class="css-truncate d-block" href="/MCJack123/88d99d1dff8d8f0f1ca8d34ab4802acd">
    <span class="text-bold css-truncate-target">muxzcat.lua</span>
    <span class="f6 d-block css-truncate">
        <span class="text-gray css-truncate-target">XZ/LZMA decompression library in pure Lua (see </span></span></a><a href=""></a> for more CC archive scripts)


Notice how </span></span></a> is placed just before the link’s a tag. This causes the link to be placed outside the truncating span under the top li element. I know this is a very low-priority issue, but it’s a bit jarring and I’d hope it’s a simple issue with a simple fix.

Hi @mcjack123 :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Could you please outline the steps taken to reproduce this?
What browser are you using? (list version)
Do you see this behavior in another browser?

Oops, I didn’t end up seeing your message! I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I’ve just run into this issue again after posting a new Gist that happens to have a link in the description.

To reproduce, just create a new Gist that has a URL in the description, preferably after a decently long string of text.

I’m using Firefox 85 right now, but this also appears on Chromium/Microsoft Edge 88 and Safari 14.

Here’s a screenshot in Edge:

And here it is in Safari:

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