Gist Issue in Atom

Is there a reason why Atom (which is made by GitHub, if I’m not mistaken) is so poorly integrated with GitHub? For example, one would think that Gists would be fully integrated in Atom without needing to install a third-party package to interact with them. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something about the relationship between this software but any clarification is appreciated.

Anyway, I’m experiencing an issue with the main Gist package but the Gist package repository is archived on GitHub, which makes me suspect that it’s no longer maintained and not worth raising an issue there. The Gist package is supposed to be able to list, edit, and delete existing Gists, but when I try to edit existing Gists, I just get a blank box. For example, when I selected Gist:list, I see my current Gists. Then I’m supposed to be able to hit tab and see options to edit or delete the Gist, but I just get an empty list. Any idea what’s going on here?