Gist Embeds Broken?

All of our Gist embeds seem to be broken this morning. It looks like all the content is being HTML encoded. Open this up directly in a web browser and you can see everything is being HTML encoded.

Here’s how it shows on my site: (Sample XML Template section).


You were just ahead of me. I came here because of all the Medium Gist embeds. They all seem to be broken, showing HTML markup instead of rendered content:

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Also seeing this issue! :frowning: Tried looking for a solution, but all embed scripts are broken

Also seeing this issue.

Same here :frowning:
Tested in Chrome, Firefox and Edge, it’s not working (I tought it was due to document.write but I haven’t seen any breaking api changes). Any solution or workaround?

We are also experiencing the same thing on all blog posts and helpscout documents.

Hey all :wave:

Similarly to Github blame view shows html markup, there is an issue that our dev team is actively working to resolve.

The two are indeed related and hopefully we’ll have a resolution shortly. :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve been able to embed gist in the past but something changed and I can no longer add gist’s to my site. It’s exposed tags now. For example (this is not my site, but I have the exact same issue)-

Hey, all! :wave:

We should be all good.

Please let us know if that’s not the case for you! :bow:


Looks good to me. Thank you for the fix and the alert!

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Thank you for the fix!

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It’s working now. Thank you very much :smiley:


Hello nethgato,

Sorry, we are still experiencing issues with our embedded Gists.

Like sparkweb’s website (first post), our website also embeds Gist into our tutorial pages to showcase code, mostly JS.

Currently, we are unable to select and copy the code in our embedded Gists. It was working perfectly fine last week but not this week.


How might we go about fixing this issue?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @ahandsel

Thanks for raising this. Though, when I load that example page, I’m not seeing any content fail to load. In my Chrome dev tools, I can see the src to your Gist and the content loads without issue.

Are there specific scenarios where the gist fails to load (specific browser? logged in/out?) or have you seen this more broadly?

For any remaining concerns on gists failing to load, they may require a new/unique thread. The OP and subsequent posts were related to a specific update that was rolled back, removing the embedded gist breaking changes.

Though perhaps I’m not understanding how to properly reproduce the problem.

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Same. I used to be able to share notebooks as gist from Jupyter. Now, I cannot.