Gist bug report: Links to raw files are double URL-escaped

URLs which Gist generates for viewing/downloading raw files are inappropriately double URL-escaped.

For example, the filename “x264 presets cheat sheet.PDF” contains space characters which should be represented as %20. But Gist’s View raw link has its %20 sequences re-escaped as %2520, so my browser downloads the resource into a file with the unfortunate name “x264%20presets%20cheat%20sheet.pdf”.

  • Reproduction: Inspect a Gist link (e.g. View raw) to a raw file having spaces in its name.

  • Behaviour: The resource is referenced by a URL including ‘%2520’ sequences.

  • Expected: A URL using the singly escaped sequence ‘%20’.

Hi @dcamp314 :wave:

Welcome, and thanks for the excellent report!
I was able to reproduce easily and this issue has been reported. It looks like we had something similar reported in the past with trailing spaces.