Gist bug report: Links to raw files are double URL-escaped

URLs which Gist generates for viewing/downloading raw files are inappropriately double URL-escaped.

For example, the filename “x264 presets cheat sheet.PDF” contains space characters which should be represented as %20. But Gist’s View raw link has its %20 sequences re-escaped as %2520, so my browser downloads the resource into a file with the unfortunate name “x264%20presets%20cheat%20sheet.pdf”.

  • Reproduction: Inspect a Gist link (e.g. View raw) to a raw file having spaces in its name.

  • Behaviour: The resource is referenced by a URL including ‘%2520’ sequences.

  • Expected: A URL using the singly escaped sequence ‘%20’.

Hi @dcamp314 :wave:

Welcome, and thanks for the excellent report!
I was able to reproduce easily and this issue has been reported. It looks like we had something similar reported in the past with trailing spaces.

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Cool, thanks. =‑)

BTW, I reported here because I couldn’t identify a more appropriate venue regarding Gist. In what issue tracker did you make your report? Could you post here the link to that issue?

It was an internal GitHub report. You did the right thing by reporting it here. A staff member will take the information awesome folks like you provide and make sure it gets seen by the correct team internally.

Thanks again!