Gist as part of GitHub is missing Dark mode entirely

As on can see it here Still bright as always.

The other thing, that bugs me, is that mode selection is account based. What if I am just a visitor who is browsing code?


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback @jeserkin! For the initial beta release we did not include dark mode support for Gists. But it is in our backlog!

During the beta release we made the decision to have users opt-in to dark mode (while we iron out any bugs or other refinements ahead of GA). Our current hypothesis is that for GA we should have default to system be the new default. So that if your OS is in dark or auto mode (and it’s post-sunset) you would by default have a consistent experience when visiting GitHub whether you were logged in or not. Would that behavior match your expectations?


If it will be so intuitive, that it will be able to make style decision based on the surroundings, then it is awesome. Nevertheless, once it is available for general public I think it should be switchable for guests as well.


The default to system should definitely be the default for everyone including guests that have not logged in. It feels silly that there would even be any confusion or beta testing regarding this. Dark mode is an accessibility feature to reduce eye-strain, apps and websites that do not follow the user’s system choice become a discomforting sore spot for daily usage due to the literal pain caused by sudden unexpected brightness.

With the above in mind, logically, logged-in users would then have the rest of options available.

And I’m also here to voice out that this beta has put me in an uncomfortable position to decide between the beta or continue using the GitHub Dark Theme chrome extension, since I do use Gists quite a lot, but I do not want to go back to using the chrome extension and lower the number of users in beta, since it seems (deducing from the wording used by @gaknoll in his responses) that whomever is managing the dev team behind Github is using these metrics to blindly assign priority rather than using common sense.

To be honest, I am also torn here because I like the colors chosen by you guys better than the ones from the extension, yet again, if I forget about it, when I go and look at my Gists, avoiding any hyperbole, the switch in contrast it is unbearably painful.

I really hope this beta lasts a day or two before continuing with the aforementioned backlog. Otherwise, please take into account and expect a dip in the number of users using the feature due to the lack of implementation of the theme in Gists and do not assume it is because we don’t want it. We definitely want it, and some even properly need it (again, this is an accessibility feature, not a “nice to have”).



You can enable both the extension and GitHub style, then disable GitHub Dark on a single domain. This is what I did.

Any extension for styling a website is an immediate NO from me. Especially if what you want to see is already being provided by website at hand. I’d just wait for it be released properly aka come out of Beta.

I would love to see Gist get the dark style. It was jarring enough today for me to come and seek out this community post and make this comment.


I have noticed that GitHub Gists does not have a dark mode. Can you add that in?


Probably duplicate of Gist as part of GitHub is missing Dark mode entirely.

Thanks for taking the time to share your request @thepwrtank18! We are currently working on getting dark mode support for Gists shipped. I don’t have a concrete timeline given the holidays, but I would expect it to be relatively soon!

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