GHCR: unlink readme from repo


please take a look at the GHCR package here:

the readme is linked to the one inside the sftpgo repo and since all links are relative they are all broken on GHCR page. I also want a different readme for the package, how can I unlink the package readme from the repo one? Thank you

:wave: Hi @drakkan! Currently, there is no support for removing a linked repository in the UI. The team has plans to add support for it in the future.

Alternatively, you can change the linked repository via the Dockerfile’s source label. Thanks for pointing out the broken links, we’ll make sure to get an issue filed to fix that!

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Hi @noahmatisoff thank you for your answer, I tryed to set the label to " " but the repository wasn’t unlinked. Is there a way to unlink the repo? Using CLI is fine for me, thank you

@drakkan: Docker itself doesn’t allow an empty source label which GHCR is beholden to, unfortunately. Using an empty string with a space also isn’t something GHCR currently supports. I can follow up when we add UI support for unlinking a repository.

We’ve also just released a fix for links to relative paths in the README as well. :smiley:

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Thank you for fixing links to relative paths, this is a nice improvement. In general I would like to add a different readme, please follow up when unlinking a repository is supported.

I would also like to add a description here is this possibile? thank you

I can confirm this works, thank you! :cat:

Being able to select a README from a subfolder from a repo would be great. I tried specifying a URL going beyond just org/repo, like:

LABEL org.opencontainers.image.source

but it didn’t have any effect. Ideally it would pick the in the docker/mycontainer folder of that repo.