GHCR Packages count wrong

When accessing my packages via one of the Packages link on the right sidebar of the repo on the Code tab, I noticed it says Packages: 0 in the tab though I have 2 total.

Also the repo sidebar shows 1 package:


But there are actually 2 for the repo:

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Hi @hnk2wn,

Can I just check whether it’s still doing this?

@jcansdale Yes, except now the repo page shows 0 packages but you can click the repo packages link and it shows 2. The repo and image are public, you should be able to see yourself.

Also, this isn’t just a problem with GHCR packages. I see similar issues with GitHub NuGet packages. For example we have an org repo that publishes 21 NuGet packages but the repo sidebar shows a count of 3. You can click on the Packages link for that repo and it shows all 21 on the packages page.

Can you see the packages in a private browser tab? I don’t see any packages there:

@Trolldemorted @jcansdale Apologies - the repo is public but the packages are private by default and currently.

At the repo level when logged in the package count alternates between 0 and 1 with 2 packages published.

I can certainly make the packages public in this case but I’d expect the counts to match when private as well.