Ghcr package built by GitHub action not viewable (404) in the web UI when not logged in

Hello GitHub community!

Currently I’m testing the Docker image generation by GitHub actions. It works great, but there is a problem when a non logged-in user tries to access the package page.

Here’s the repository:

There’s one package “postfix-test”, and when I’m logged in, I can view the package page which is accessible by the URL .

If I try to view the package page as non logged-in user (the URL changed in this mode to /users/geschke/packages/container/package/postfix-test ), the default 404 page (“This is not the web page you are looking for”) is shown.

The repository is set to “public”, the package visibility is also set to “public”, see below:

I’ve searched in the community here and found similar issues, but not exactly the same. Image download with “docker pull” works perfect without any authentication, so the generated package seems to be in the most public state.

What can I do, is there a hidden option somewhere to set the package page to public? Or is it a feature?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I have the same issue with the visibility of organisation images for anonymous user. Images can be pulled anonymously but link to image in GHCR returns 404 if user is not logged in.

The issue has been resolved now.
Public packages can now be browsed for details anonymously.

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