images are not accessible via UI when uploaded via Actions


I use the following action to upload the Docker image to the registry:

      - name: Push to GitHub Container Registry
        uses: docker/build-push-action@v1
          dockerfile: nginx.Dockerfile
          username: ${{ }}
          password: ${{ secrets.GHCR_PAT }}
          repository: plutzilla/
          tag_with_ref: true

The image is pushed (and can be pulled using the same PAT), but cannot be accessed via UI:

Hence, it is not possible to manage the package (set permissions, delete etc.).

FYI, authenticated GraphQL query does not return GHCR packages at all:

query {
  user(login: "plutzilla") {
    packages(first: 10) {
      nodes {
        latestVersion { version }

returns only repository-based packages.

Thanks for your feedback.
Could you please check the workflow log to confirm again whether you pushed this image successfully?
If you have successfully pushed, please click your profile photo in the top right corner of GitHub, then click Your profile >> Packages to check if your image exists in the packages list.
More about Managing container images with GitHub Container Registry please refer here.

Hi @niconbw,
thanks for your response.

I can see the GHCR packages in the profile package list, however the package count is wrong in the top navigation bar and in the package list:

The images are built and pushed successfully via Actions. See the log excerpt:

Successfully built 29035bbfa85e
Successfully tagged
Pushing image []
The push refers to repository []
c83e79eb5d7b: Preparing
550333325e31: Preparing
22ea89b1a816: Preparing
a4d893caa5c9: Preparing
0338db614b95: Preparing
d0f104dc0a1f: Preparing
d0f104dc0a1f: Waiting
550333325e31: Layer already exists
22ea89b1a816: Layer already exists
0338db614b95: Layer already exists
a4d893caa5c9: Layer already exists
d0f104dc0a1f: Layer already exists
c83e79eb5d7b: Pushed
cicd-with-actions: digest: sha256:ccff69dca2784486e3ae4d2a61556f00056a5793d306f80438dd972c4e03a107 size: 1573

Clicking on the package in the package list returns 404 page.

The package which pas pushed from desktop, is accessible via UI.

Hi @plutzilla
About package count issue:
I found a similar post mentioning this issue, and the GitHub engineering team is already aware of this, you can keep track of this issue via the link above.

About 404 error:
Do you also get a 404 error when you click on your first image(lescinskas.It) in your screenshot?
Tested in my side, I found that if the package name contains dot(.) character, it will cause this problem. You could try other names that do not contain a dot.

Thank you. The issue is indeed in the dot character in the image name - not related to the Github Actions.

FYI created the topic in the Github Packages category: GHCR images having dot in the name are not accessible in UI

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Hi @plutzilla
Thanks for your update. I will follow this issue with you through the new topic in the Github Packages category. Hope it will be resolved soon.