GHCR images having dot in the name are not accessible in UI

Docker images having dot in the repository name are not accessible via Packages UI when pushed to Github Container Registry (
It is impossible to manage the package (set visibility level, delete package).

Reproduction steps:

  1. Push the image with dot in the name:
$ docker push
The push refers to repository []
fb7334cb685d: Layer already exists 
550333325e31: Layer already exists 
22ea89b1a816: Layer already exists 
a4d893caa5c9: Layer already exists 
0338db614b95: Layer already exists 
d0f104dc0a1f: Layer already exists 
latest: digest: sha256:3a18a87d290d90e3f437b22968321b65b21316726a15823339f94428c35819f7 size: 1573

The 404 error is returned upon accessing the package via UI:

Workaround: do not use dot in the image name.


We’ve pushed out a fix for this. Could you verify its working now? Thx!

Big thanks - I can now access package settings via UI :slight_smile:

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Did you rollback the change - I cannot access the aforementioned package(s) again?

Yes, sorry about that. The dot fix broke packages with a / in the them so we rolled it back. We’ll have a fix for both coming out early next week. Rails routes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Rolled back the rollback. You’re good to go again!

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Great! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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