GHCR: Image version count confusing

My image package / repo has one image but Recent image versions shows View all 4 versions. I’m guessing that’s because there are 4 labels or perhaps because I deleted some earlier images. Either way if the tags are grouped by image digest showing me one package / image version I’d expect the count to be 1. If the tags were not grouped the count would make more sense.

I believe that’s because there are 4 versions of that one tag.

  1. latest -> latest tag
  2. 1.0.14 -> tag
  3. 33c2768 -> sha
  4. main -> branch name

it lets you access that specific build like this.

  1. docker pull
  2. docker pull
  3. docker pull
  4. docker pull

Thanks for the feedback. I think this should either say View all X tags or use the total number of tagged images rather than the number of tags.