GHCR Docker Multi-Archi Images Ignore org.opencontainers.image.description in UI

I built and pushed a multi-arch docker image to GHCR.

When I navigate GHCR in my browser the multi-arch image says it has no description.

No description available
To provide a description, add the following line to your Dockerfile:

LABEL org.opencontainers.image.description DESCRIPTION

The same issue can be seen on the president-business-corp/multi-arch-test package.

test/multi-arch versions · president-business-corp (

If I pull the image from GHCR and inspect it I can see the Confg.Labels are there, so it looks like a UI bug in GHCR.

The correct label is being set in the Dockerfile multi-arch-test/Dockerfile at main-enterprise · president-business-corp/multi-arch-test (


Having the same issue with my repo!

having the same issue with me too! it always shows that no description available, confusing