Gh-pages hosted on custom domain, react app error 404

I created a react project and hosted it on gh-pages. The repo is called “dreamswear” and it is hosted on “”.
I then tried to host it on a custom domain (, which was successful, but when I go to the custom domain, I get blank white page.

Edit 1
I found the error, it says in the console:

dreamswear/static/js/...chunk.js missing
dreamswear/static/css/...chunk.css missing

I don’t know how to solve this, apart from editing the gh-pages build after every build manually

Edit 2
I tried to manually include links to js and css files in the gh-pages build. This makes sure that the css and js files are included, but now no assets are included.
The same error again!

Status   404 Not Found

This error occurs to all the asset files.
I can’t possibly go into the chunk.js or chunk.css in the build and rename all these to remove the repo name?