GH Pages Fails to Publish Page, no error Indicated

I encountered an unusual problem where GH Pages would appear to complete successfully as indicated by the little green checkbox:


However there’s a page that does not actually get published. As it turns out, there were a variety of different causes in my source file, including GitHub apparently not liking the long dash that was copy-pasted from web site to be used as a hyperlink, as well as blank line spacing, double quotes inside square-bracket links, and other quirks.

Although the page seems to render properly on GitHub itself, the respective page is not pushed to the GH site; for me, that’s

The page that fails to post is this one

The corrected page is this one

The differences are summarized here

It seems odd that the little green checkbox would appear if in fact there are problems. And I’ve seen other problems, where there’s a little red “x” and some specific message.

Although I was able to resolve my problem with trial-end-error editing, I would think that somewhere, somehow there should be a log that actually indicates a failure, no?

you are confused, there is no gh-pages branch,