gh-pages down, but github status says there are no problems

If I check the current github status on the web page
I get All Systems Operational

I can load a copy of the repository using:
git clone cppad.git
cd cppad.git

I can see the log message for the last two commits
on the gh-pages branch using:
git checkout gh-pages
git log -2
This results in the following output:

cppad.git>git log -2
commit 002bec33efc3ecd75f4da49623217ae95dde3a35 (HEAD -> gh-pages, origin/gh-pages)
Date:   Sat Jan 5 08:47:51 2019 -0700
    update gh-pages to version 20190105

commit fbdab110ab03bdd453b406d8ce03d624c5cabeb0
Date:   Sun Dec 30 16:06:55 2018 -0700
    update gh-pages to version 20181230

It is currently over 8 hourse since the Jan 5th commit.

I can retrieive a copy of web display of the file doc/cppad.htm using the command:

The command above gets the remote file doc/cppad.htm and writes it as
cppad.htm in the top directory for the git repository.
If I then check for a difference with the current doc/cppad.htm file I get:
diff cppad.htm doc/cppad.htm
cppad.git>diff cppad.htm doc/cppad.htm
< <title>cppad-20181230: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package</title>

> <title>cppad-20190105: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package</title>

… snip …

If I then checkout the previous version, I get no difference with the following commands:
git checkout gh-pages~1
git diff cppad.htm doc/cppad.htm

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I checked in a new version of gh-pages and it updated the web page display at

right away.

I think that something was wrong at the time of the previous commit to my gh-pages branch and so github did not know to update the web page display.